A global leader in flexible plastic packaging

We are one of the world's top leaders in stretch film manufacturing with the largest facility in a single location at Pulau Indah, Port Klang, Malaysia. As an industry leader, we will continue to expand our capacity to grow our global market presence and leverage on our economies of scale to grow our volume-based model to produce quality yet cost competitive products. Our new plant in the United States of America reflects our global ambition to expand our stretch film markets beyond Asia Pacific to new markets ranging from the East to the West.

Our custom film segment plays an important role in our goal to be a leader in consumer based flexible plastic packaging as our products enhances food packaging integrity and reduce food wastage. The fast-growing global F&B industry offers tremendous opportunities for us with our competencies in custom films. These films, which are jointly developed in collaboration with our international and multinational customers, are designed and customised to meet specialised market needs and emerging trends.

For our specialty segment, Scientex has entered into many collaborations with our international joint venture partners who possess the technical expertise and technology to produce specialty products such as adhesives and solar films for the global markets. Through the transfer of skills and technology, we now have the competencies to move into high technology products that can respond to global market trends.