A Sanctuary Of Green Living 绿意圣殿,自然生活

Scientex Meru 1 is situated in a prime location right next to Tenby International School and is surrounded by major government offices, banks and a movie animation park studio. This low density development is designed with nature as part of its concept and will consist of only 556 units of link terrace, semi-d and apartments upon completion. Close to a forest reserve, the nature themed concept creates a refreshingly green, relaxing and harmonious living experience. Scientex Meru 2 consist of 1,064 units double storey terrace houses, cluster semi-detached houses, affordable terrace houses and service apartments. The first phase of 240 units of double storey terrace houses is expected to be launched in December 2017.

Scientex Meru地处重点发展区,毗邻Tenby International School,四周环绕重要政府办公楼、银行与Movie Animation Park Studio等。Scientex Meru 1 规划为低密度围篱社区,仅由556 间毗连式田字屋,半独立豪宅与公寓所组成。邻近森林保留区, 更为大自然爱好者青睐。这座由大自然启发的绿意城镇,将绿意、轻松与和谐注入每个人梦想中的生活。 Scientex Meru 2 新城镇即将来临,共有1,064 间双层排楼,田字屋和公寓。第一期发展相目为240间双层排楼,将预计2017 年 12 月公开销售。