Towards A Circular Economy

Scientex has exemplary credentials in sustainability innovation in tandem with a legacy of developing flexible plastic packaging (FPP) solutions.

In 2019, we became the first in Malaysia to successfully convert a non-recyclable packaging application into a recyclable mono-material multi-layered laminated packaging to meet the sustainability expectations of brand owners.

Mono-material lamination is an innovative approach in the production of FPP using one dominant type of plastic resin across the packaging’s various layers to ensure it can be recycled without compromising on its functional performance.

Building upon our early successes and leveraging on our expertise across the FPP value chain, we have collaborated with customers to innovate, design and develope mono-material laminates for more of our customer base, enabling them to replace non-recyclable packaging in order to contribute to the circular economy.

Going forward, we will continue to develop innovative and sustainable solutions, ensuring our customers and ourselves remain committed towards meeting the ESG aspirations of all our stakeholders.

In support of a sustainable, circular economy, the packaging for these snacks and beverages are recyclable and are proudly produced by Scientex