Encouraging Recycling Amongst the Young Generation

Our Green Truck Programme, which was developed in collaboration with MPMA and ExxonMobil Chemical in 2020, returned to action after the pandemic to promote plastic recycling awareness and inculcate 3R practices in school children. The Green Truck will be visiting schools across Peninsular Malaysia, with our most recent activity held at a school in Ipoh, Perak.

Healing our Planet through Mangrove Planting

Our mangrove planting programme launched in 2022 offers a variety of positive impacts on the environment and community. It helps to sequester carbon from the atmosphere, thus countering our GHG emissions, while at the same time rehabilitating the surrounding land and water ecosystems to promote biodiversity.

Compositing to Complete the Food Cycle

Our ‘Back To Earth’ programme engages employees at our Shah Alam headquarters to transform food waste into organic compost. In addition to completing the ‘food cycle’ and promoting the importance of circularity in our everyday consumption habits, we also donated the organic compost generated to the local farmers.

Lending Assistance to Flood Afflicted Families

When massive floods affected many parts of Malaysia in December 2021, we launched the Scientex Family Flood Relief Assistance Fund to pool our resources and help those that had been afflicted via the donation of cash and necessities. We have so far provided support to more than 150 staff families and the indigenous Orang Asli community.

Promoting Good Working Postures and Habits

As part of our efforts to promote good health amongst employees, we organised a talk in 2022 on the ‘Importance of Ergonomics at Work’. The webinar raised awareness of healthy practices that can eliminate discomfort and potential injuries due to awkward postures, repetitive movements and other such habits.

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