Mono Material Laminates

Fully Recyclable PE or PP Mono-Material substrate for flexible laminates

With the shift in market trends and consumer preferences towards sustainable plastic packaging, mono-material laminates enable full recyclability by using one dominant type of plastic resin to produce the various layers found in the packaging.

Mono Polypropylene, Mono Polyethylene or Mono Polyolefin (a mix of PP and PE) are the current solutions offered and are widely accepted as mono material laminates. These resin bases are versatile which makes them the most used plastics today.

Our prior work in Mono-Material Laminate enabled us to become the first Malaysian company to have a product successfully commercialised. Since then, we have worked with our existing and new clients to develop and commercialise different types of mono-material laminates to replace existing non-recyclable packaging structures.

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A successful sustainable solution does not only come from the converting process but also from the base film itself. The base films developed to create these solutions include: Heat Resistant OPP, High Barrier MOPP, Avanti CPP Sealant and MDO PE.

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Mono Material Laminates

Fully Recyclable PE or PP mono-material substrate for flexible laminates.

Paper Based

Fexible Packaging with full recyclability.

Bio-degradable and Compostable

BioPBS Film Bio-degradable Plastic Film

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