Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Film

Japan Quality, Solutions For Sustainable Packaging

Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film has become a key component for mono-material flexible Multi-layered laminates in the trust towards sustainable packaging under the global New Plastic Economy initiatives.

Together with our CPP, PE, Adhesive and Converting business units, and with our breath and depth in resource, technical and innovation capabilities; Scientex has emerge as a one-stop centre; working with our Brand Owner partners to provide solutions for sustainability packaging.

Scientex has develop PP or PE mono-laminate for Multi-layered flexible packaging, meeting Brand Owner rules-of-sustainable-packaging and capable of mechanical recycling. Comprising of a heat resistant layer, a barrier layer and a special sealant layer, the Trilam or Bilam is able to meet many packaging needs without compromising quality.

The 60,000 MT BOPP plant, situated on a 12 acres piece of land at Selangor Halal Hub, Pulau Indah started commercial operation in August 2016 with state-of-art facilities incorporating Japanese-European know-how and machineries. With web inspection cameras and positive-pressured GMP multi-compartments, the SAP-ERP enabled, highly automated-ultra-modern film stretching plant is able to operate effectively, at JIT-like efficiency and competitive costs.

Product Development with Japan

Scientex has a joint technical collaboration with strategic alliance partner Futamura. Extensive R & D work in product development and improvement is carried out at both Nagoya, Japan and Pulau Indah laboratories

Customer Support

The Scientex Film Technical Centre at Rawang plant offers an excellent platform with its modern facilities and testing equipment for testing and development work with customers.

With our vast knowledge, experience and expertise in multiple products/applications, we are able to offer and advise customers on a diverse range of lamination needs and possibilities.

Product Range and Application

Printing, Coating and Lamination series:

  • Heat resistant BOPP
  • Japan quality base film
  • Flexo printing

Heat Seal series:

  • Single and both sided heat seal
  • Low SIT, good hot-tack
  • High seal strength
  • Printing and lamination
  • Box overwrapping
  • Lap seal

Anti-fog series:

  • Cold and hot fog
  • High seal strength
  • Seal through contamination

Metallised series:

  • High barrier WVTR, O2TR
  • Heat seal, Lap seal
  • Corona treated

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