Stretch Hood and Shrink Hood

Stretch Hood

In today’s challenging economic times, manufacturers continue to look for new ways to cut down on their palletising costs. Traditionally, shrink hoods are used for pallet unitisation.

Scientex’s co-extrusion stretch hood technology outperforms traditional packaging options in film cost per pallet, operating costs, goods protection and packaging speed. As stretch hood does not require heat shrinkage, it reduces operating costs and improves safety. Our stretch hood technology offers outstanding toughness for better protection and exceptional optical properties for end-of-line packaging solutions.


  • excellent stretch properties
  • even thickness control
  • good puncture resistance
  • good holding force


  • Optimal C.O.F
  • Balanced shrinkage
  • Good hot tack/sealing
  • No blocking

Shrink Hood

Shrink hood is widely used to unitise pallets and to bundle bags of resins in petrochemical industries. Shrink hood is also used in other packaging applications such as the packing of glass, ceramic tiles, cement bags, and more.

Most packaging machines that use shrink hoods are usually robust and very mechanical in nature. Certain film properties may work on one machine but not with another. As such, there is a need for film customisation for shrink hoods.

Scientex provides customised shrink hoods that meet the customer’s unique needs in compliance with high industry standards and expertise.


  • Optimal C.O.F.
  • Balanced shrinkage
  • Good hot tack/sealing
  • No blocking

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