Stretch Film

Machine Wrap Film

Enveloping Series

Used for high speed power stretch wrappers with film thickness ranging from 12 ~ 30um.


Specific for light to heavy loads which require film to be enveloping at uneven corners, good holding force for load stability and good clarity for bar coding.


For applications in low to high rpm turntable wrappers, high speed rotating arm and ring wrappers with suggested pre-stretch between 200~300%. Suitable for types A, B & C loads and all wrapping applications.

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Stretch Film – Selangor, Pulau Indah

Stretch Film – USA, Phoenix – Arizona


Scientex Stretch Film

Manual Wrap Film

Standard & Thin Series

Manual Wrap Film

Thin WFE & Pre-Stretched

Machine Wrap Film

Super Power & HP, Thin Series & WFE