Stretch Film

Manual Wrap Film

Standard Type

Thicknesses ranging from 15 ~ 30um. These cast extrusion films are for general purpose applications due to its easy-to-use characteristics and competitive pricing. The thicker films possess stronger properties which provide much needed protection for all types of load. Available in either 1.5”, 2” or 3”cores with various film widths and lengths.


General purpose from medium to heavy goods which require strong holding force with sharp protruded corners/edges. Suitable for A, B & C type loads and all wrapping applications.

Thin Film –
Elite & Nano 6

Co-extrusion via multi-layers cast lines utilizing latest premium raw materials marketed under the tradename of Nano 6 and Elite film due to the growing market demand for eco-friendly products. The down gauge films possess unrivalled benefits compared to standard films due to it cost-saving benefits through the use of lesser film to wrap each pallet measured from the film cut-weight.


  • High clarity with superior puncture resistance
  • Stretching between 30-50-100%
  • Excellent costs saving per pallet wrap


Suitable for A type load with good holding force for boxed products. Provide good load protection for goods which are sensitive to load crushing.

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Manual Wrap Film

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Manual Wrap Film

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