We are a recognised player in the flexible plastic packaging industry with an increasing global presence. Our manufacturing plants are located in Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and the United States of America with sales offices spanning from Australia to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Japan.

With our packaging expertise developed and acquired over the years, we are able to offer a wide and diverse range of packaging products which extends across key profiles within the flexible plastic packaging sector ranging from plain films, base films, metallised films, barrier films, printed films, wicketed bags and multi-layered flexible plastic packaging to innovative and sustainable flexible plastic packaging solutions.

Our strength lies in our technical expertise and capabilities which has been developed or acquired over the years augmented by state-of-the-art machinery and testing facilities run by a strong talent pool of knowledge workers to drive product innovation to enhance our product value and quality to meet evolving customer demands and changing market trends.

Business Process

Scientex remains consistently focused in our established and effective business processes that have enabled us to consistently meet or exceed our growth targets. The four core modules in our packaging business process allows us to remain thoroughly focused on the fundamental processes that form the cornerstones of our success to maximise value in the short, medium and long term.

Market Presence

Scientex has gained international recognition as a key player in the flexible plastic packaging industry with an ever-increasing number of manufacturing plants and offices across Malaysia and around the globe.

Our Products



Stretch Film

PP Strapping Band

Raffia – HDPE & PP Tying Tape


Heavy Duty Sacks

Stretch Hood and Shrink Hood

General Film

Shrink Film

Printed Film – Roll Form

Wicket Bags

Barrier Film

Agricultural Film

PE Flexitanks Tubing

PE Lamination Base Film


CPP Film

Metallised Film

PU Adhesives

Multi-layered Flexible Packaging – Roll Form & Bags

Sustainable Packaging