Our specialty segment consists of our joint ventures whereby strategic alliances and collaborations with our international joint venture partners such as Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello Inc., and Tsukasa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. to produce specialty products such as adhesives, solar encapsulant films and PP strapping bands, amongst others.

Through acquisition and transfer of technology, skills and knowledge, we have developed our core competencies to develop high technology products in collaboration with our technology partners. For our adhesives business, we are developing new grades of solvent based and solvent free adhesives for flexible packaging. For our solar encapsulant films, we are now using polyolefin base as we move from EVA resins by leveraging on our technology partner’s expertise. Our 5 mm strapping bands which we have successfully developed offers lower grammage per meterage. We will continue to leverage on the synergistic advantages of our joint ventures to explore and develop new products that will enable us to capture new markets and business opportunities under this specialty segment.


Specialty Products

Automotive Interior

PP Strapping Band

Raffia – HDPE & PP Tying Tape

Solar Encapsulant Film

PU Adhesives