Stretch Film

Phoenix, Arizona

The robust demand for eco-friendly stretch film products especially Nano 6 film and others thin gauge films ranging from 8 micron to 12 micron thickness has encouraged Scientex to expand its production capacity beyond Malaysia. Our first overseas stretch film manufacturing plant is located at Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The first phase of USA plant which began operations in January 2018 has a yearly production capacity of 30,000 MT while phase two will see the capacity double up to 60,000 MT by 2019. The huge demand for stretch film in America shall see our USA plant serve the readily available market demand through such capacity expansion.

Scientex Phoenix, LLC
4501 W. Polk Street
Phoenix, AZ 85043
United States of America

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Products Produced

Manual Wrap Film

Standard & Thin Series

Manual Wrap Film

Thin WFE & Pre-Stretched

Machine Wrap Film

Super Power & HP, Thin Series & WFE

Machine Wrap Film

Enveloping Series