Our Sustainability Governance

Governance of sustainability at Scientex is predicated on the need to effectively monitor processes and implement strategies across our varied and geographically diverse business presence. 

To achieve this, a three-tiered governance structure endows shared responsibility for sustainability from Board to subsidiary level, with the most central role in this structure played by the Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”). This structure is detailed and elaborated on below. 

Board of Directors (“Board”)

  • Assumes overall responsibility for and oversight of the Group’s sustainability agenda, including the identification of sustainability topics, setting of objectives, and establishing of policies and practices.
  • Nominated by the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, who is also responsible for evaluating the Board’s performance on sustainability issues through a peer evaluation process.
  • Our Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lim Peng Jin, spearheads the sustainability responsibilities of the Board.

The Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”)

  • The SSC comprises members of the Scientex Executive Committee (“EXCO”) and is led by the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lim Peng Jin.
  • Provides leadership and drives the process of identifying potential sustainability topics through regular engagements with stakeholders and staff at the departmental or subsidiary level.
  • Tables potential topics to the Board for their consideration based on these engagements.
  • Develops strategies for topics, including the nomination of a specific working group to execute and monitor these strategies.
  • Sets key performance indicators for the management of the strategies identified, specifically involving data management systems, reporting processes, and internal control mechanisms.
  • Spearheads the development of sustainability-related policies which govern sustainability practices across the Group.

Sustainability Working Groups

  • Working groups may comprise representatives from any of the departments and divisions within the Group, and are appointed on a topic-by-topic basis, depending on the needs of the topic and its attendant initiatives.
  • Responsible for ensuring the smooth implementation of strategies formulated by the SSC at the subsidiary and business division level, and reporting the outcomes of these strategies to the SSC in monthly management meetings.
  • Continually monitor sustainability initiatives, maintaining proper records to facilitate regular reviews of sustainability
    management procedures and overall performance.
  • Act as a conduit between the SSC and individual departments and subsidiaries, providing an avenue for staff members to highlight and elevate potential sustainability issues for consideration.