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Empowering The People That Spur Our Success

We want our people to start each day with a sense of optimism and recognise the many opportunities they may gain through their work with us. We believe that our people form the foundation for our successes and we emphasise on supporting the development of our workforce in tandem with the company’s growth. We believe in providing our people with sustainable career paths filled with lifelong prospects to learn new skills and develop valuable competencies.

Be part of Scientex team for a rewarding journey of growth and innovation as we collectively work together to create positive impacts within our community for a better tomorrow.

Our Values
An Environment To Unleash Your Potential

We value integrity and treat everyone with respect. We believe that the success of a company stems from the dedication and collective efforts of its workforce. Within our fulfilling and supportive work environment, you can unleash your full potential.


Developing exceptional leaders is a priority at Scientex. We don’t only focus on enhancing skills and professional job-related knowledge but encourage progress through growth experiences and relationship building to holistically support your career.



Employees are rewarded both for individual and overall business performance, with rewards including annual increments and performance bonuses as well as share-incentive schemes. We support a healthy and balanced lifestyle.



Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are ingrained in the way we work. We believe in being good corporate citizens and supporting the community that we are a part of.

The Forces that Drive Us
The Forces that Drive Us

Scientex’s tagline of “healthy, friendly & happy” embodies the positive corporate culture of the Scientex family. A HEALTHY work environment that promotes ethical behavior with transparent and clearly defined rules and procedures is an integral aspect of the Scientex corporate governance ecosystem. Scientex also encourages its people to develop HEALTHY relationships, internally and externally, that in the long run facilitate the growth of the company.

Through innovation, we are in a position to constantly make our products and services user FRIENDLY with universal qualities that have wide appeal in the global marketplace. At the same time, our culture is a HAPPY one, creating an all-encompassing environment of positive energy that drives growth and promotes achievement. The tagline signs off with a “smile” in vibrant yellow that represents the warm glow of positive energy that permeates throughout the Scientex Group creating a “healthy, friendly & happy” organization.

“Scientex will bring out the undiscovered capabilities in you, enabling you to strive to reach your full potential. For the past few years, I have picked up corporate leadership skills and took on challenges more confidently. By looking back, I am glad that I have seized the opportunities given to me and I still value it today.”

Heong Mun Foo

Chief Financial Officer – Packaging Division
Heong Mun Foo
“At Scientex, we believed in “common goal, common interest”. All my years in Scientex I have seen this belief being fully and conscientiously practised by Scientex management and not just a mere slogan. All the company’s goals and expectations are clearly identified and explained so that all level of employees fully understand and will work cohesively together towards this common goal. For the benefits and interest of everyone! I always believed that when you work in an organisation where transparency and working together is THE culture, you can never go wrong.”

Mohammad bin Hashim

General Manager, Product Development & Technical – Packaging Division
Mohammad bin Hashim
“I first joined Scientex in 1989 as the pioneer batch of Management Trainee. Honesty, I never thought it shall be my 1st home. From handling a small sale job for the domestic upholstery market, my job responsibility and accountability quadruple as Scientex expanded into industrial packaging coupled with the vision to be the World’s Top 5 stretch film producer in 20 years. The selfless top-down guidance, support, incentive programme and flexibility in all actions, in line with ‘Management Like Water’ philosophy, is the reason I am able to build a lifetime career with Scientex. Looking back, the vast opportunities offered within Scientex, its rewarding scheme and most important, the visionary leaders to lead us, what else more could you ask for.”

Bee Chin Hock

Sales General Manager – Packaging Division
Bee Chin Hock
“In Scientex, there are no boundaries regardless of your background and there’s always abundance of opportunity in career advancement. Whether it is venturing into new ideas, or taking up your passionate project to the next level, there’s always support given. We are guided by experienced leaders, given the resources to learn and perform our duty from different perspectives as well as to explore new opportunity in our career. Leaders are trained and not born to be, and it’s a virtuous cycle to bring out the best of Team Scientex. I am very proud and grateful to be a family member of Scientex!”

Saiful Bahri

Senior Quantity Surveyor – Property Division
Saiful Bahri
“Scientex Group has proven its resilience where it stands firm amidst the volatility of market and in sustaining the impact from COVID-19 pandemic situation. I am proud that Scientex remains profitable and still keep growing despite all the challenges that we went through and continue to face. All of my achievements and growth are attributed to the philosophy of the company. I am deeply proud to be part of this extraordinary family.”

Grace Poon

Project Manager – Property Division
“I joined Scientex 13 years ago, which was back in 2008. Throughout my employment with Scientex, I witnessed how career advancement opportunities were given to the staff and myself included, to grow along with Scientex’s aim to provide a “HOME” to all Malaysians at a truly affordable price. Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, I am inspired by Scientex’s philosophy of “Management like Water” to overcome this challenge and I really hope that Scientex will continue to succeed in this challenging situation. As a member of Scientex family, we stay together to overcome all challenges.”

Mohd Izuan Bin Hamdan

Sales Manager – Property Division
Stories that Shape Us

Make a Difference In The Community Around Us

With a career at Scientex, your contributions have the potential to improve lives and livelihoods, build stronger communities and enhance protection of natural environments.

Packaging that’s better for the product, people and planet

Scientex continues to lead the way in creating recyclable, compostable and innovative packaging solutions that served to reduce our carbon footprint.

Shelters that Matter

As many middle- to lower-income families in Malaysia continue to face home ownership difficulties due to the rising cost, Scientex is proud to play a key role in improving the quality of lives of  many Malaysians by providing affordable housing across the nation. 


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