Embedding Sustainability Across Our Operations.

In line with our responsibility as a global organisation, we have embedded sustainability as a core aspect of our strategic thinking and business processes.

“At Scientex, we are fully committed to maintaining a world that we are proud to pass on to future generations as we drive long-term, sustainable value as a community. ”

Lim Peng Jin

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

Supporting Global Sustainability Objectives

As an organisation, we support the sustainable development agenda of the United Nations and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), which collectively form a blueprint to build a better future for all. We have aligned each of our sustainability topics to specific UN SDGs. This gives greater direction and meaning to our ongoing sustainability initiatives, while guiding the continuing process by which we are expanding our commitments year by year.

Supported Goals

We develop affordable housing for middle-to-lower-income populations, provide employment to locals and contribute to charitable initiatives
We support the well-being of our employees, as well as the consumers of our food packaging products and our communities.
We provide employees with avenues for continuous learning and professional development and raise awareness of and to educate children on sustainability.
We adopt energy efficient machinery and lighting in our manufacturing plants and development sites and developing a roadmap to reduce carbon emissions.
We contribute to the Malaysian economy via taxes and through employment of local talents while at the same time ensuring a safe and secure working environment and upholding good labour practices.
We emphasis in continuous product innovations and utilise efficient machinery and efficient construction techniques to promote efficient material usage. We also build public infrastructure at our developments, improving connectivity.
We build affordable homes with equal ownership opportunities for all Malaysians and maintain a non-discriminatory approach in employment of staff and engagement with other stakeholders.
We expand our affordable housing presence across Malaysia and place emphasis on the development of self-sustaining “townships” that provide housing and economic benefits to locals whilst developing public green spaces within our developments.
We innovate products that use less materials, recyclable and/or compostable while investing in technology to reduce waste, water and energy consumption. We continually enhance our recycling efforts and have taken measures to ensure similar responsible practices across our supply chain.
We have taken Group-wide measures to reduce energy usage, resource wastage and enhance our recycling efforts. We also promote environmental awareness within local communities via collaborations with the industry associations.
We allocate green spaces and plant trees within our development and undertake Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for property developments of 50 hectares or more.
We promote ethical business conduct and have adopted an Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy which extends to our employees, suppliers and all stakeholders

Key Sustainability Focus Areas

A Growing Sustainability Framework

Over the years, our approach to sustainability has grown more robust as we build an ever-deeper understanding of our impacts and responsibilities across the ESG spectrum. Currently, we have identified eleven sustainability topics that are classified within our three sustainability pillars as described below:

Creating Shared Sustainable Value

Creating Shared
Sustainable Value

For the Bettermentof the Environment

For the Betterment
of the Environment

Our People,
Our Pride

Our Activities

Instilling sustainability values across the community.

Sustainability Report 2021

This is our inaugural standalone sustainability report showing our commitment toward sustainability. It provides a comprehensive look at our approach towards environmental, social and governance.



Our Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread social and economic upheavals. As a responsible corporation, we believe that it is our duty to take responsibility for the safety and health of our employees, while also lending support to the wider community.


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