Key Sustainability Focus Areas

Responsible Waste Management

Optimising Consumption of Materials

Reducing Energy Consumption & Emissions

Environmental Compliance

For the Betterment of the Environment

It is our responsibility to contribute to the preservation of a healthy planet for future generations. As a result, we use a strict twin-pronged approach to waste management, adopted energy efficient technologies, and we’ve continued to develop our framework controlling environmental sustainability to keep up with expanding worldwide concerns.

In our Packaging and Property Divisions, we have always put high importance on the proper use and procurement of raw materials and other manufacturing resources. Since then, we’ve improved our approach to minimising waste, boosting reusability, improving recyclability, and overall making effective use of our manufacturing and construction raw materials.

Furthermore, we have strengthened our commitment towards environmental sustainability through our Group-wide policies.

Responsible Waste Management


Focus Area

In our roles as a global player in the flexible plastic packaging industry and national developer of affordable homes, we are cognisant of the waste that our business activities and operations may generate. We further acknowledge the importance of responsible waste management at a time when the world’s growing population is generating increasing amounts of refuse and pollution.

Our approach to waste management encompasses:

  • Adherence to the responsibilities and practices outlined in our Group-wide Environmental Policy
  • Recycling waste by converting plastic recyclable into usable resources and converting non-recyclable waste into fuel
  • Practicing the responsible management of scheduled waste and effluents
  • Creating fully recyclable and compostable products so that our customers can participate in the circular economy for plastic
  • Establishing stringent protocols for waste management at property development sites
  • Promoting recycling of general waste amongst employees through our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R) initiative and ‘Back to Earth’ programme, while educating school children on recycling practices

Optimising Consumption Of Materials


Focus Area

An aerial view of one of our phases of double storey affordable homes constructed using IBS in Pulai, Johor

We have always placed great value on the responsible usage and procurement of raw materials and other production resources used within our Packaging and Property Divisions. Over the years, we have continually enhanced our approach towards reducing waste, promoting reusability, improving recyclability and generally making efficient use of our production and construction raw materials.

Our approach to material use optimisation encompasses:

  • Adherence to the responsibilities and practices outlined in our Group-wide Environmental Policy
  • Increasing our use of recycled resin as an input in our manufacturing process
  • Exploring the development of products which use post-consumer resin (PCR) derived from chemical recycled plastic waste as an input in our manufacturing processes
  • Innovating downgauged films and packaging products that uses less resources without compromising on functionality and performance
  • Promoting the efficient and cautious use of water through water saving measures
  • Adopting the Industrialised Building System (IBS) construction technique in our Property Division, which enables a higher degree of precision and thereby reduces material wastage
  • Reusing materials wherever practicable across both divisions

Reducing Energy Consumption & Emissions


Focus Area

Our Nano 67-layer cast stretch film line in Pulau Indah, Selangor plant

With the acceleration of climate change, the onus is upon us, as a major manufacturer and property developer, to adopt low carbon energy technologies and introduce energy efficient production technologies that will make a meaningful difference to our energy consumption and emissions. We also have a responsibility to minimise the indirect emissions that occur across our supply chain and throughout the lifecycles of our products.

The steps we have taken include:

  • Adhering to the responsibilities and practices outlined in our Group-wide Environmental Policy
  • Investing in new machinery within our Packaging Division which offer substantial improvements in energy efficiency
  • Leveraging our presence across the packaging value chain to streamline our processes and eliminate unnecessary and energy-intensive aspects of our production processes
  • Adopting efficient planning of house designs, thereby reducing energy required for cooling purposes
  • Adopting and promoting practices that reduce indirect emissions from logistics and throughout our supply chain

Environmental Compliance


Focus Area

Green space at our development in Scientex Rawang, Selangor.

Over the years, we have continually expanded our framework governing environmental sustainability in order to keep pace with rising global challenges and maintain our reputation as a responsible corporate citizen. This entails a rigorous commitment towards upholding compliance with all applicable environmental regulations in the regions where we operate, while at the same time holding our supply chain to a similarly high standard of responsibility.

Our approach encompasses:

  • Adherence to the responsibilities and practices outlined in our Group-wide Environmental Policy
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations in the various jurisdictions where we operate
  • Undertaking regular engagements with authorities and attending trainings, courses and seminars to keep abreast of the latest updates and developments in environmental rules and regulations
  • Practicing responsible project development practices in our Property Division, including Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for all projects exceeding 50 hectares in size
  • Providing our employees and engagement with suppliers on programmes pertaining environmental sustainability