Key Sustainability Focus Areas

Occupational Safety and Health

Empowering Our People

Contributing to Local Communities

Our People, Our Pride

Our people are our pride, therefore, we have consistently given significant attention and resources to ensure our workers’ safety and health while performing their work responsibilities. By creating a safe and conducive working environment that prioritises our employees’ physical safety, security, and well-being, we can demonstrate that our various business entities are rewarding and fulfilling places to work.

At Scientex, we believe in building a more robust and mindful approach to hiring and training that reflects our status as a rapidly growing and well-respected worldwide corporation. Furthermore, we also believe in bettering the communities in which we operate our businesses as well as the land districts in which we build our development projects.

Occupational Safety and Health


Focus Area

Employees attend safety training programmes regularly as part of their development and our commitment to safety standards.

Given the nature of our core business activities in packaging and property, we have consistently invested significant focus and resources into ensuring the safety and health of our employees when performing their occupational tasks. We believe that by fostering a secure working environment that prioritises the physical safety, security and well-being of our workforce, we are able to demonstrate our various business entities as rewarding and fulfilling places to work.

We strive to achieve high standards in occupational safety and health by:

  • Adopting Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) policies and practices that comply to all national, local, industry-specific and occupation-specific laws, regulations and best practices
  • Adopting a Group-wide Safety and Health Policy that outlines our key areas of commitment
  • Maintaining robust OSHA management systems at all manufacturing plants and development sites
  • Maintaining inclusive and balanced OSHA Committees with fair representation from both the employer’s and employees’ sides, supported by designated safety officers at all worksites
  • Establishing comprehensive processes to identify risks and manage work-related hazards
  • Carrying out training for employees on occupational safety and health, supported by regular inspections to assess compliance
  • Providing mental health resources to employees, with special emphasis on strategies to cope with the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic

Empowering Our People


Focus Area

Our QRB dialogues are held via webinar and well attended by more than 500 employees.

We maintain a robust approach to employment and training that nurtures a high-performing, committed and diverse workforce, and enables our people to realise their full potential while working at Scientex. By inspiring the growth of our people and retaining talent, we are empowered to sustain our overall competitiveness within the markets where we operate and dependably achieve our growth objectives.

Our approach to employment and training encompasses:

  • Adherence to the labour practices and principles outlined in our Code of Ethics and entity-specific Human Resource policies
  • Providing attractive benefits and remuneration packages to our employees, based upon the principles of equality and fairness
  • Providing preferential employment opportunities to local Malaysians in line with the national agenda of cultivating local talents
  • Engaging regularly and effectively with employees through various channels, facilitating a productive two-way dialogue
  • Providing regular and role-specific training and development opportunities to employees that promote personal and professional growth

Contributing To Local Communities


Focus Area

The ‘Komuniti Hab’ at Alor Gajah, Melaka

We have a responsibility to better the local communities within the areas where we operate our businesses as well as the land districts whereupon we construct our development projects. This is important from a corporate social responsibility point of view and serves to support the advancement of these communities, which will then enhance the long-term sustainability of our businesses within these regions and bolster our ability to achieve our goals.

We are contributing to local communities by:

  • Providing quality affordable housing across a wider geographical footprint within Peninsular Malaysia
  • Developing holistic townships that provide a wider range of services, opportunities for job creation and improved connectivity to larger population hubs, thus enhancing community resilience and improving quality of life
  • Providing sustained employment and career advancement opportunities to members of local communities
  • Instilling awareness of the importance of recycling amongst younger generations through The Green Truck Programme
  • Investing in community initiatives that enhance the provision of education and healthcare, and encourage sustainable living
  • Aiding the fight against COVID-19 at the community level by donating to frontliners