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Who We Are

For close to five decades, Scientex has played a pivotal role behind Malaysia’s progress in industrialisation and maturity as a nation. During that time, Scientex has been a model of growth and diversification in becoming a leading manufacturer on a global scale and a leading property developer for affordable homes on the local front.

In 1968, Scientex was a fledging enterprise engaged in the manufacture of PVC leather cloth and sheeting. Today, Scientex is an established and diversified listed company that is consistently breaking new ground in manufacturing and property development.

Scientex is one of the world’s largest producers of industrial stretch film with an export market that covers more than 60 countries representing much of the industrialised world. It is also a leading player in PP strapping bands in Asia as well as a leading producer of other industrial packaging products such as FIBC bags, form-fill & seal bags, woven bags and raffia products. Since 2013, it has also emerged as one of Malaysia’s leading producers of consumer packaging products, while remaining a mainstay in the manufacture of component parts for automotive interior. Scientex is also on the top tier of developers with integrated property projects spread over 3,000 acres of land in Peninsular Malaysia.

  • Incorporated in 1968
  • Listed on Bursa Malaysia Since 1990
  • Achieved RM1 Billion Revenue In 2013
  • Achieved RM2 Billion Revenue In 2016
  • 15 Manufacturing Facilities In Malaysia, Vietnam and USA
  • 19 Property Developments in Johor, Melaka, Perak and Selangor
  • Total of 2,800 Employees

An Insight From
An Insider

With PJ Lim,
Managing Director

On behalf of the Board of Directors, management and staff, I am pleased to declare that Scientex Berhad is now 50

By any yardstick, a half century is a long time. To give this some perspective, it took 50 years for man to reach the summit from the time the first photographs set Mount Everest apart as the ultimate challenge. Likewise, it took almost 50 years for cancer research to yield such progress in prevention and treatment from the time US President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act as a challenge to find a cure.

These are challenges requiring courage and commitment, values that Scientex has embraced as its own. Similarly, the Scientex story is about taking up challenges and for this reason, the theme of our 50th Anniversary is ‘Challenge New Heights Together’.

Our story may have begun 50 years ago, but it is only just taking off. After our incorporation in 1968, we made steady progress during the first 40 years. However, our efforts then were fragmented and disconnected. We lacked structure and our operations were not consolidated or streamlined. In the immediate years before 2008, Scientex operated 10 business units with 10 different sets of people, all working in silos independent of each other. To use a tug-of-war analogy, we were pulling on our own, but not pulling together.


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Stretch Film

   Scientex Stretch Film
  • Manual Wrap Film – Standard & Thin Series
  • Manual Wrap Film – Thin WFE & Pre-Stretched
  • Machine Wrap Film – Super Power & HP, Thin & WFE
  • Machine Wrap Film – Enveloping Series
   Klang Hock Stretch Film
  • Manual Cast & Blown – Standard & Thin
  • Machine Cast & Blown – Power & Premium Power
  • Colour Blown – Manual & Machine

Custom Film

  • Lamination Base Film
  • General Film
  • Heavy Duty Sacks
  • Collation Shrink Film
  • Stretch Hood And Shrink Hood
  • Printed Film For Form – Fill – Seal (FFS)
  • Wicket Bags
  • Barrier Film
  • BOPP Film – Plain
  • BOPP Film – Anti Fog
  • BOPP Film – Heat Sealable
  • CPP Film
  • MCPP Film
  • Agricultural Film
  • PE Flexitanks Tubing

Specialty Products

  • Automotive Interior
  • PP Strapping Band
  • Raffia – HDPE & PP Tying Tape
  • Solar Encapsulant Film
  • PU Adhesives
  • FIBC Bag


  • Printed Roll Form Laminates
  • Printed Pre Form Pouches


Scientex Johor

  • Pasir Gudang
  • Kulai
  • Skudai
  • Senai
  • Kulai 2
  • E’ Roca Hills
  • Pulai
  • Senai 2
  • Amber Land
  • Kota Tinggi

Scientex Melaka

  • Ayer Keroh
  • Durian Tunggal
  • Durian Tunggal 2

Scientex Perak, Ipoh

  • Klebang
  • Meru
  • Meru 2 & 3

Scientex Selangor

  • Rawang
  • Kundang Jaya

Scientex Penang

  • Tasek Gelugor


& Identity

Behind our successes is our corporate philosophy of ‘management like water’. The strategies we employ may change over time, but our philosophy remains the constant behind everything we do. Our corporate philosophy is based on six separate and inter-related angles. The first is the inculcation of BELIEF among our people that what we produce for the world is as valuable, affordable, plentiful, and important as water. It is a belief anchored on the premise that our output contributes to society and the betterment of the world we live in. Next is the understanding that water only flows downwards. In other words, it is essential that we respect the laws of NATURE and SCIENCE as we seek solutions and attempt to tackle different challenges. Flowing water gathers momentum and builds up ENERGY that we harness to break barriers, leap forward and surge ahead. And like the force of water, the more obstacles we face, the greater our resolve and resilience become in our journey beyond probabilities and possibilities.

We also understand that we are an element in the vast universe just as water eventually flows into and becomes part of the deep blue sea. In recognising that there are greater forces at play in the great scheme of things, we embrace MODESTY in our quest to better ourselves. As such, even as we think big and aim high, we remain humble in our interaction with others so as to learn from them and absorb their knowledge and experience. Like the FLEXIBILITY of water, we always adopt a fluid and adaptable stance, allowing us to react and respond promptly to various challenges. It is this flexibility that places Scientex in a better position to seize opportunities in times of crisis. And finally, the PURITY and cleansing properties of water remind us that in the face of success or failure, we need to stay true to ourselves. With a clear conscience, only then can we develop and sustain positive thoughts and look beyond to better times and brighter prospects.

Board of

Tan Sri Dato’ Mohd Sheriff Bin Mohd Kassim

Chairman & Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
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Lim Peng Jin

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer
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Lim Peng Cheong

Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
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Wong Chin Mun

Independent Non-Executive Director
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Dato’ Noorizah Binti Hj Abd Hamid

Independent Non-Executive Director
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Ang Kim Swee

Independent Non-Executive Director
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Lim Peng Jin

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer
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Choo Seng Hong

Chief Operating Officer – Packaging Business
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Alex Khaw Giet Thye

Chief Operating Officer – Property Business
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Koay Teik Chuan

Executive Director – Property Business
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Gan Kok Khye

Executive Director – Packaging Business
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Jesselyn Chang Siew Sian

Executive Director – Corporate Planning
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Goh Tian Chin

Executive Director – Packaging Business
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Jacky Phang Yuen Khang

Sales and Marketing Director – Property Business
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Tan Hong Koon

General Manager – Corporate Planning
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Phang Chi Ming

Legal & Corporate Affairs Manager
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