The Scientex Story

Over the years, we have consistently grown our dual core businesses of Packaging and Property to become a recognised name in flexible plastic packaging solutions and affordable housing.

Leading in Packaging and Property

A publicly listed company on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad since 1990, we are a leading manufacturer in flexible plastic packaging and a prominent developer of affordable homes in Malaysia.

From our humble beginnings in 1968, our drive to achieve continuous growth has seen us become one of the world’s top manufacturers of stretch film and an end-to-end flexible plastic packaging producer with a presence across the packaging value chain, from stretch films, base films and printed films to bags and multi-layered flexible plastic packaging solutions used in industrial and consumer packaging.

Our Property Division, meanwhile, focused on our core objective of addressing the growing need for affordable housing. With land banks exceeding 7,256 acres spanning seven states across Peninsular Malaysia, we are proud to have completed more than 30,000 affordable homes to date, providing greater access to home ownership for Malaysians.

A Message from Our

"Guided by our vision of 'Sustainable Growth, Better Tomorrow’, we remain well-positioned to achieve robust and enduring growth as we drive collective progress for our stakeholders, communities and the planet."

Lim Peng Jin

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

Driving Sustainable Growth for a Better Tomorrow

In 2023, we celebrated our 55th year in operation. This marks a significant milestone on our journey, yet our motivation to create value and drive progress remains as strong as ever.

Our new Group Vision: Sustainable Growth, Better Tomorrow, exemplifies our aspiration to drive continuous expansion across our Packaging and Property divisions. Equally, it enshrines the imperative that our growth should also create shared value for our diverse range of stakeholders, collectively creating better tomorrows for people, communities, national economies and the planet as a whole.

Guided by our commitment to fuelling our three Drivers of Growth in both the Packaging and Property Divisions, namely ‘Capacity’, ‘Efficiency’ and ‘Product Value’, we are poised to continuously enhance our business processes and value creation activities. This provides us with a solid foundation to navigate through the challenging times and capitalise on the expanding market opportunities in both industries.

To this end, sustainability remains our foremost focus – an enduring commitment that is deeply incorporated into our operations and product offerings. To achieve sustainability, we drive collaborative effort across the entire value chain to generate meaningful and lasting positive impacts.

Within our Packaging Division, we leverage our position as an integrated end-to-end flexible plastic packaging (“FPP”) producer, collaborating with customers and brand owners to develop sustainable FPP solutions. Through our innovative solutions, we are positioned to make positive impacts on the environment, in alignment with our customers’ sustainability goals.

Meanwhile, in our Property Division, we maintain our steadfast focus on our Cross Border Development Strategy, with the central objective of providing more affordable homes for the middle-to-lower-income segment. Supporting this, we remain dedicated to supporting government initiatives and national policies aimed at addressing affordable housing needs.

Lim Peng Jin

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer


Vision & Purpose

Building Better Tomorrows

Our robust progress over the years has been spearheaded by the clear objectives set forth in ‘Our Vision’ and ‘Our Purpose’ statements below. Even as we strive for exponential growth, we remain mindful of our responsibilities towards our community and the environment as well as our stakeholders who continue to put their faith in our products and services.

Our packaging division strives to provide flexible plastic packaging solutions for:



Hygiene & Safety

Food Waste Reduction


Our property division endeavours to support local communities in our locations of operation through the provision of affordable yet quality homes.

Our Corporate Philosophy


Behind our successes is our corporate philosophy of ‘Management Like Water’ . The strategies we employ may change over time, but our philosophy remains the constant behind everything we do. Our corporate philosophy is based on six separate and inter-related facets as described below.


We instil belief that what we produce for the world is as vital and valuable as water, and our output contributes to the betterment of society


We respect the laws of nature and science as we seek solutions and attempt to tackle different challenges


Flowing water gathers momentum and builds up energy that we harness to break barriers, leap forward and surge ahead


We remain humble, like a drop of water in the ocean, yet like the mighty waves, we think big and aim high


Like the flexibility of water, we always adopt a fluid and adaptable stance in responding to challenges


In the face of success or failure, the purity and cleansing properties of water remind us to always stay true to ourselves and move forward with positivity

Our Value Creation Story

Our value creation story outlines the detailed considerations we make in order to maintain our competitive advantage in the markets where we operate.

Through analysis of internal and external factors, we formulate strategies that maximise the use of our capital resources and deliver tangible contributions towards our Drivers of Growth. Our strategies are then implemented through our established business processes in both the Packaging and Property Division.

At the same time, we reinvest to empower our growth objectives outlined within our vision ‘Sustainable Growth, Better Tomorrow’.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors also play a key role in our considerations and we have further aligned our approach with various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to which our initiatives contribute.

Our Value Creation Business Model

Our complete value creation business model below demonstrates how we transform our inputs into positive and sustainable outputs and outcomes that benefit our long-term business prospects and generate shared value for our stakeholders.

Awards and Certifications

Our successes are the result of our hard-working commitment towards excellence and we are proud to have garnered recognition from various regional and international award-giving bodies.

Corporate Milestones

A Sturdy Track Record of Progress

From humble beginnings, Scientex has charted a meteoric rise within the global and regional packaging industry as well as the domestic property market. Peruse the highlights of our remarkable journey below.