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Beyond Borders – Scientex’s Exquisite Overseas Journey into Affordable Homes

On the momentous date of 21st March 2023, Scientex made a groundbreaking move by signing its 2nd overseas joint venture agreement, marking its remarkable entry into the affordable home sector in Indonesia. This thrilling new venture promises to bring forth prosperity and success for all involved, as the esteemed property player collaborates with local counterparts, harnessing their deep knowledge of the Indonesian domain. At the same time, Scientex’s reputation for excellence and innovation shines through as we bring to the table our unparalleled expertise in developing large-scale townships with the utmost quality and efficiency, fueled by our cutting-edge, home-grown building technologies.

The world of possibilities awaits as we embark on this exciting journey into Indonesia, bridging borders and cultures to create affordable dream homes for countless families. Together, we’ll unlock the true potential of this burgeoning market, transforming lives and making homeownership dreams a vivid reality.

Get ready to witness history in the making as Scientex and our esteemed partners join hands to revolutionize the affordable housing landscape in Indonesia. The journey is about to begin -brace yourselves for a remarkable tale of triumph and transformation. Together, let’s build a better tomorrow, one affordable home at a time!

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