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Industrial Packaging

Our pedigree in the industrial packaging sector dates back to 1997, when we commissioned our first industrial stretch film line. Over the years, we have grown in stature and has transformed to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial stretch film.

Today, we cater to a variety of industrial applications across the petrochemical, oleochemical, logistics and warehousing sectors. Market players in these heavy industries prioritise packaging solutions that offer excellent protective, efficient packaging result and other physical qualities to ensure the safe delivery of goods across vast distances, in addition to placing a premium on packaging that can be manufactured cost effectively at scale. With this in mind, we have focused our innovation efforts on:

Enhancing the physical performance of our products – e.g. product strength, elongation, puncture resistance, shrink capability, and more.

Unlocking greater production efficiency through process innovations that optimise time, resource and energy use, thereby generating cost savings for our customers and improving their productivity .

Enabling improved resource efficiency while maintaining or improving product performance, such as through our downgauged stretch film products.

Industrial Packaging Product Range

Peruse our various industrial packaging solutions below.

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