Thin Series Folded Edge (WFE)

12µ, 10µ, 8µ & Nano6µ


10µ, 8µ & 6µ

Thin Series Folded Edge (WFE)

WFE are specially engineered films designed for the ELITE Series (12, 10 and 8 micron) and NANO 6 products which seeks to protect the film edges from cuts or damage while dropping or during pallet wrapping process.


  • Reduced film tearing due to folded edge
  • Easy unwinding resulting in uninterrupted pallet wrapping task
  • Greater tearing resistance
  • Increased holding force for improved load stability
  • Stretching between 30-50-100%


Suitable for A type load with improved holding force for boxed products. Provide good load protection for goods which are sensitive to load crushing.


Pre-stretched Film Series

Scientex’s latest investment in pre-stretched rewinding technology with folded edge features has made our latest pre-stretched films outperform conventional pre-stretched films. Lighter weight rolls has further reduced workers fatigue and others work related injuries.


  • Greater holding force and good cling features for better load stability
  • Superior puncture resistance especially at sharp corners
  • Using lesser film due to less neck down
  • Stretching between 20~30%


A wide range of thickness from 8-10-12um to cover various wrapping application needs, from light, medium and heavy loads. Suitable for type B & C loads.

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